The Influencer Series

By November 30, 2017 Maximal News

The Influencer Series, a new series by Maximal Concepts that invites key personalities responsible for shaping and influencing the hospitality industry not only in Hong Kong, but globally as well. Movers and shakers who come together to chat about hot topics that can provide inspiration for the hospitality community on how to better their practices, revolutionize the guest experience and push the boundaries of creativity.

With new influencers featured each month, conversation will be supplemented by complimentary cocktails from the award winning Stockton team, as well as a selection of nibbles to enjoy whilst catching up with peers from the hospitality community.

Kicking off the series on December 13th with the topic of “Plastic Free Hospitality”, two guest speakers will be presenting ideas on how the industry can be lowering plastic waste. From Plastic Oceans, award winning documentary maker Craig Leeson will open with his experience of the plastic epidemic through his documentary “A Plastic Ocean”. Continuing the conversation, Bobsy Gaia from Mana HK will outline how he has made his passion for the environment a core aspect of his brand, eliminating plastic from all packaging and encouraging consumers to adopt a lifestyle free from plastic pollution.

Bringing together industry leaders, suppliers, guests and influencers, the evening starts at 8pm and promises to be a fantastic networking event focusing on a hugely important topic that should be high on all agendas . By making small adjustments to lower plastic pollution, the industry can become part of the solution, not the problem.

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