Maximal Thanksgiving

By November 21, 2018 Maximal News

In the US, Thanksgiving is the holiday that most revolves around getting the extended family together, because if you don’t have a bunch of crazy family members around, it’s just a big meal. But what happens if you don’t have a big family to celebrate with in Hong Kong? We came up with a few new Thanksgiving traditions that you can do every year so as to make the day feel more like a holiday. Click on the link to read more of our Top 5 Thanksgiving Traditions you can start in Hong Kong this year:

  1. Movie Marathon. Thanksgiving officially marks one month until Christmas so start streaming the best Christmas movies on Netflix. Sure some people may pass out but hey – more pie for you!
  1. Have A Turkey Bowl. Get your friends and family together and head to Tamar Park with an American football and have fun! This is fun for the whole group and can be followed up by streaming the NFL Thanksgiving football games after dinner.
  1. Friendsgiving. For those who love their friends and also love F-R-I-E-N-D-S! Go all out and invite your friends to Central Perk in your flat with a marathon of Friend’s Thanksgiving episodes. Desserts include a traditional English Trifle with or without beef – your choice! Could this BE a better tradition?
  2. Go On A Thanksgiving Hike. Walk off the food with friends and family with a hike on Dragon’s Back. This popular trail takes you through Shek O Country Park and some of the prettiest terrain in HK.
  1. Do A Thanksgiving Game Night. As the evening gets quieter, break out a new board or card game that everyone can get involved in. A new game each year, or the same one each year, making it a tradition will build fond memories of fighting over who gets to place the last piece, or who the champion puzzler in the family is.