A Maximal Christmas

By December 20, 2018 Maximal News

Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to start finessing that letter to Santa Claus. At Maximal, our wishes are simple: all we want is your health and happiness. Although, you know, fewer people on the MTR would be nice too. Or a new iPhone.

What would you ask Santa for this year? the new iPhone X? Less people on the MTR? Christmas trees that don’t set you back a thousand dollars? A gift voucher to a Maximal restaurant perhaps? We asked around the office and here’s what we wish Santa would bring us in Hong Kong….

  • More Outdoor Festivals
    • Clockenflap, Beertopia, AiA Carnival, all of these are amazing but we want more! Santa, please give us more excuses to be outside, drink cheap beer, and listen to great music all while sampling the best restaurants in Hong Kong. It’s not too much to ask, is it?
  • Cheaper Rent
    • Move aside New York City, the rents here have skyrocketed in recent years and speaking on everyone’s behalf… the best Christmas gift would be to bring our monthly rent down a few thousand. Sound about right?
  • On that front, bigger apartments.
    • Living in Hong Kong, is akin to the Tiny House movement we’re seeing on Instagram and Youtube except without an ideal floorplan or storage space! This year, we’d like to ask Old Saint Nick if he could expand our square footage without a huge jump in rent. If he’s feeling gracious, we’ll take one on the Peak!
  • Less Plastic Waste
    • This is a big one for Hong Kongers. With nearly everything you buy or touch contributing to plastic pollution, it can be a uphill battle to fight it. This Christmas, we’re asking for sustainable gift-wrapping and eco-friendly presents under our trees.
  • No Queuing for Taxis
    • No one likes a long line when they’ve spent all day in Causeway Bay, going from store to store to find the perfect gift, only to be stuck in a queue that lasts for miles waiting on a taxi that pretends it doesn’t see you. We’ve all been there. Please, Santa, help a Hongkonger out.
  • Better selection on HK Netflix
    • We have some winners, like Friends and The Crown but we also have quite a few duds… If you ever leave our corner of the world, suddenly there are endless TV shows (and movies you’ve actually heard of) available to stream on repeat. VPN for 8 million people please Santa! But until then, we’ll keep binging on ‘A Christmas Prince’.

What’s on your wishlist? Let us know what you would add by emailing us at social@maximalconcepts.com! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!