The Influencer Series – Back To The Source

By January 15, 2018 Maximal News

In recent times, there has been an increasing movement of figures within the food and beverage industry who champion a deep appreciation of ingredients and going back to the source at which these are produced. Ethical, responsible sourcing is one of the top priorities for many chefs as a desire to understand where ingredients come from, how they are produced and their effect on the supply chain increases. As a second stage to this, knowing how to maximise ingredients and decrease waste for new dishes or even by using vegetable trimmings for animal food, ingredient production becomes more sustainable. It is vital that we continue to spread this knowledge and the desire to understand where ingredients come from, how they are produced and the effects on the supply chain.

In our second installation of our Influencer Series, we discuss the topics of sourcing responsibly and sustainable food practices, and raise the question of what defines “good agriculture”.

Our Guest Influencers of the month:

Nathan, from Rhoda – a strong believer in nose to tail cooking, not allowing any aspect of the animals they source to go to waste

Bennet, from Heritage Foods – works with revolutionary family farmers and agrarian visionaries whose relationship with nature are having a regenerative impact on the world in terms of biodiversity, land restoration and even climate change.

Dean, from Northeast Wine & Spirits Ltd.– highlight practices in spirit and wine production, from recycling waste to sustainable wine practices.

The evening promises to be both inspiring and informative as we seek to further understand sustainable practices in our industry and what we can do to further education within the community.

Come join the movement on 23rd January, starting at 8:30pm.

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