Healthy Drinks at Limewood

By February 8, 2017 Limewood News
Healthy Shots

Continuing the healthy food trend across our concepts, we have introduced healthy drinks and shots at Hong Kong’s beachside favourite; Limewood.

Our ‘Superfood Elixirs’ are full of nutrition, for a completely guilt free refreshment.

The Kale Storm (kale, coconut water, avocado, spirulina, bee pollen, pineapple and mint), the Coconut Milk (coconut water, almond milk, mango and chia seeds) and the Liver Cleanser (beetroot, berries, green apple, cucumber and lemongrass) are just some of the new additions that will guarantee your body feels nourished from the inside out.

Let’s not forget our ‘Healthy Shots’ which include Activated Charcoal, Turmeric and Wheat Grass packed full of nutrients to help revitalise your body.