Every Day Is Earth Day!

By April 6, 2018 Maximal News

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at Maximal Concepts. From carefully sourced ingredients to daily operations, protecting the planet is at our core. Here are some initiatives we take to ensure a guilt-free experience the moment you step inside a Maximal Concepts restaurant or bar:

Goodbye, Plastic
Environmentally harmful products should be a thing of the past. To support this goal, all of our venues use straws made from metal, 100% recyclable paper or biodegradable potato starch. Our paper & potato starch straws are only served with your drink upon request.

Food with a Conscience
Quality and sustainability go hand in hand. We ethically source all of our ingredients by examining the journey each ingredient goes through – how a cow was fed, how a fish was shipped, how a vegetable was handled – before it lands in our hands. We only work with farms and suppliers that share the same passion for sustainable processes as we do.

Want some quick tips on how YOU can celebrate Earth Day Every Day?

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