Chef Lee x Michelin Guide HK

By November 10, 2017 Mott 32 News

Chef Lee recently participated in a video shoot with Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau promoting the supper culture among chefs.
Six chefs sat down at Ju Xing Home in Prince Edward and discussed the difficulties of being a chef, why supper is a necessary part of a chef’s daily life, how they select their supper companies and more.

Among the chefs who joined the panel discussion:
Chef Jayson Tang from Man Ho Chinese Restaurant of JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, Chef Leung from InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, Chef Chan Tak Yan from Lung King Heen 龍景軒 at Four Seasons Hong Kong of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Chef Tsang Chiu Lit from 皇御園 Dynasty Garden, Owner of Tak Lung Restaurant.