Blue’s Bar Opening

By October 20, 2017 Blue Butcher News

Blue – Butcher and Meat Specialist is introducing a completely new cocktail series onto their menu. The mixology team has been experimenting with innovative techniques resulting in a cocktail list that showcases Blue’s avant-garde approach.

The new menu is divided into three categories of cocktails: Negroni Sessions, Hi-Balls and Cocktails. The mixology team has chosen the classic Negroni and Hi-Ball cocktail as a base for experimentation. The Negroni Sessions offers guests an opportunity to explore different ingredient combinations of the Negroni, whilst all have been aged in a clay pot for extra depth of flavour.

Other cocktail concoctions include new drinks such as the easily drinkable Like a Rolling Stone, made from spiced rum, apple, cinnamon and vanilla or Wild Night is Calling made from gin, green chartreuse and lychee. Finish your night with the Devil in Disguise, a delicious libation made from bourbon, peanut butter and marshmallow distillate.

Compliment these with a selection of snacks and nibbles from the bar menu. Easy to drink cocktails and delicious snacks… the best combination for a perfect afternoon or evening spent at Blue’s Bar.