We have spent months scouring the globe for the best beef we could find in order to bring another level of quality and depth of product to Hong Kong. Our research and travels took us to one of the best restaurants in the world; Asador Extebarri in Spain. Here we found the ultimate in beef supremacy, Rubia Gallega Beef. Blue, is one of the only few restaurants in Asia to deliver this exclusive premium brand of beef.

A breed that originates in the Coastal Galician mountains, Rubia Gallega cattle are raised with the most humane and sustainable practices. Allowed to roam freely in the beautiful landscape near the Bay of Biscay, the cattle live up to 18 years, grazing on all natural nutrient rich salt pastures. The combination of a stress free life and organic grazing gives the beef a completely natural taste with unrivalled tender meat, resulting in an intense but beautiful flavour experience.

To preserve and enrich the natural flavours of the Galician beef, our team implements a cooking method that is as unique as the product itself. Using a custom made cast iron plancha, we allow the maximum surface area of the product to be in contact with the heat, resulting in a perfect maillard reaction (caramelisation) of the rich, deep yellow fat of the meat. This technique avoids flames or smoke from the grill altering the beef’s natural flavor, a taste that should be enjoyed with as little influence as possible.

We have called upon the culinary experience and vanguard skills of our chefs to add a contemporary twist to traditional dishes in order to create an exquisite new menu. Whilst our Resident Butcher Jonny Farrel brings a skilled and passionate personalised approach the the restaurant and butchery. Jonny can even join you in the Chef’s Theatre Semi-private dining room to butcher down and prepare whole animals for you.

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