Wonderfruit 2017

By November 21, 2017 Maximal Events

Join the Maximal team next month in Thailand for the annual Wonderfruit Festival happening 14-17 December. One of the biggest festivals in Asia, the Wonderfruit festival isn’t just for millennial music lovers anymore. From the start, the event has been all about showing that living sustainably can be easy, fun… even decadent, and this year, that idea is being explored even further.

At Wonderfruit, you’ll find yourself climbing on or dancing beneath stages and structures that are not only jaw-droppingly stunning but built from sustainable materials or with cutting-edge design techniques that eliminate the need for nuts and bolts. World class chefs that have created sumptuous feasts using some ingredients from an onsite farm. In all these and many other ways, Wonderfruit is an opportunity to get people excited about sustainable living and feel inspired to make changes in the world.

For more information, click link: bit.ly/2ypKjLF